Care Home Medical Audits (CHMA)

Designed to assist CCG’s through the complicated and lengthy process of NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding applications.

CHMA are an experienced, Nurse-led, independent service provider specialising in Needs Portrayal Documents and in the collation, pagination and indexing of medical records.

The recent Department of Health deadline created a high demand for experts with Continuing Healthcare knowledge. Care Home Medical Audits was developed and launched to relieve the pressures and strains Continuing Healthcare claims have put upon CCG’s across the country.

We have the capacity and technology to provide consistent, accurate services designed to reduce your workload and streamline the process of assessments.

The Nurse led team at CHMA developed a bespoke software package which not only significantly reduces time and costs when producing a Needs Portrayal Document, but also improves accuracy and efficiency.

CHMA was created by Nurses who have gained vast experience from working within the NHS Continuing Healthcare and Legal Sector.
The team specialise in providing services designed to assist CCG’S in the following areas:

  • The collation, pagination and indexing of medical records
  • The production of Needs Portrayal Documents
  • Creation of Recommendations based on Decision Support Tool
  • Software licensing package (Needs Portrayal Genie)

The above services can be provided individually or collectively.

Our state of the art data management system and access to our specialist team ensures that CHMA can relieve the “administration burden" felt by many CCG’s. Our system saves time and resources whilst delivering a flexible service tailored to meet your specific needs.

For more information or to discuss how CHMA can assist your organisation please contact the team today.

Needs Portrayal Document

A Needs Portrayal Document pulls together all of the relevant information from different sources of evidence to build a comprehensive picture of Healthcare needs.

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Needs Portrayal Genie

Needs Portrayal Genie is a unique software system created by Nurses which enables the user to collate and store medical evidence and produce Needs Portrayal Documents.
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Decision Support Tool

CHMA will analyse the evidence within the Needs Portrayal Document and summarise the level of need within each care domain. Each care domain will be assigned an assessed level of need.
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